2001 BMW M5 Sport
Purchased May 21, 2009 with 35,000 miles.
Sold February 6, 2012 with 51,000 miles.

Loved this car. Fell in love with it after seeing the Guy Ritchie vid (w/ Madonna as a passenger) back in 2001. Decided to buy one after reading Alex Roy's book The Driver where he used one to break the land-speed record NY -> CA. There's a reason this car hasn't fallen out of M-enthusiast favor after all these years... All around awesome package.

6-speed manual transmission. Sport package.

Additions: Evolve Automotive long-tube 4-1 'Medusa' headers, Evolve Automotive Evolve-R Stage 3 ECU tune, Umnitza Twin-Pipe exhaust. Active Aerowerke Cold Air Intake, Evolve Automotive Intake Air Temperature Sensor Relocation Kit, Angel iBright v3.0 LED halo bulbs. Carbon fiber kidney surrounds, emblems, rear valence. Dice iPod adapter. TEC cupholder. Bimmerzone compact spare w/ tote bag.
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