Dark Ones April Party 2019 - Fantastic Beasts & Those Who Hunt Them
Official Party Invite:
So you've decided to hunt Fantastic Beasts -- outstanding! You're not alone, many is the wizard or warrior who strive for the thrill of encountering a rare beast or a mythical creature in the wild. Your fortunes have risen tonight, as many of your fellow adventurers shall gather to share their best hunting stories over a mug of ale. And perhaps there'll be hunting to be done as well. Just beware the predator -- a dragon is a hunter of a different kind, cooking up its own prey.

Join in the fun of the wild hunt, be the first to follow the clues and collect the prey! Visit the crossbow range and show your skill, play for gold coins. [Prizes for the most coins, details TBA]

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019
Site: “Arcadia” >REDACTED<
Costume theme: your DO persona, fantastic beasts, 20s-30s style, hunter attire, medieval garb

Party starts at 7 pm
Anthem at midnight
Bar closes at 2 am
Site Closes at 3 am
Sunday Clean-up 10 am

Party Head --- LeHo
Exchequer --- Blackfeather
Historian --- Vannah
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