"Everything Cosplay" Photoshoot
Recently I had the opportunity to shoot with a local Cosplay Group "Heroes and Villains Cosplay" (www.facebook.com/Heroes-and-Villains-Cosplay-823735314342...) at an event they titled "Everything Cosplay" in Mesa AZ.

The shoot took place at Mid-day in Mesa AZ in the alley behind the "Gothem City Comics" store...

It was Hot that day...I mean...Really Hot...like Az in the Summer Hot...!

Consequently there wasn't a huge turnout. But those who did show up proved their Dedication to the craft...

So we shot in the heat until I nearly melted my gear (True Story).

These images are the results of a lot of sweat, a little blood (Deadpool's blood so it don't really count...) and some tears..from the sweat in my eyes...

I hope you enjoy them!
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