Estrella War XXXI Feb 24 - March 2 2015
Unto the Lords and Ladies who so graciously allowed me to capture their image(s) during the most glorious Estrella War XXXI, I bid thee welcome to my humble corner of the InterWebs.
Please allow me to say it was my deep honor and pleasure to have encountered each and every one of you and to have been allowed the privilege of creating the images you see here.
I am done working on the selection and editing process. It took several days longer than I had hoped it would.

However, I assure you that all the images that are fit to show are here!

If you were presented with my business card at the time we met, please keep it in a safe place for future reference as you may find that having the address information is better than Not having it.
Your patience is, as always, most appreciated and I hope you find the time you wait to be worth your while.

Your most humble servant,
Wilgar of Staghold
Barony & Kingdom of Atenveldt

aka: Steven of Keyhole Productions Photography
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