Phoenix ComiCon 2014 (Album 1 of 2)
This is the 1st half of my "Walking Around" images from Phoenix ComiCon 2014.

Typically they are not from a particular location or event, just the stuff I shot each day as I went from place to place throughout the convention and met people etc...
Since all in all I have close to 1200 images from the full event to share, I have split out what I could into their own sets, such as the Cary Elwes & Stan Lee Q&A panel, and the Steampunk Fashion Show.
Even my "Walking Around" images need 2 sets to make it quicker to load for you!

As always, If you would like a copy of the image(s) I took of you from this event, please let me know. If you have my card, please send me an email with the file name(s).
Or contact me here on Flickr.

Thank you!
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