The Dark Ones April Party 2014: Tournament of Champions
It is a well known fact that the Dark Ones Anthem is actually Queen's "We are the Champions"...even though, were you to be in attendance at ANY Dark Ones event, you would never hear the REAL lyrics over our singing "We are the Dark Ones" at full volume. Poke around online, I'm sure there's some video out there somewhere with the audio in tact...

But last night? Last night we proved not ONLY that we are the Dark Ones, but in fact we really ARE Champions! Rock Paper Scissors Champions!!
The 2014 April Party was: "The Tournament of Champions" and here, for your enjoyment are my images from our humble event.

Hosted for the second time at James the Cooks humble abode in North Phoenix: The Comfy Sow. Once again we reveled with Great Food, Plenty of Drink, Merriment of all sorts and, of course the Company of our Chosen Family: The Dark Ones!
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