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Sunset on downtown | by Brother O'Mara
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Sunset on downtown

When I had my Canon 5D I never did buy any adapters to mount other brands of lenses to my camera. At the time it seemed unnecessarily complex, and even a little rumor like, "Yeah, Canon's not the easiest to do that with" kept me away, even though some people like Carlos prove it can be done.


I moved to the Olympus OM-D micro 4/3rds camera a while back, and in a fairly recent discussion with JTJ I found out just how easy it is to mount almost any other camera system lenses to a micro 4/3rds body.


After thinking about this for a month or two I came across the information that Ivan had a few old Pentax k-mount lenses hanging around so I bit the bullet, bought a $16 adapter, and borrowed his lenses. This was from my first real foray out with the new gear. I love seeing the buildings downtown lit up by the sunset when I come home, and I figured that the Albinon 100-200mm lens (which would equate to a 200-400mm once mounted to the m4/3rds) would do a great job of flattening out the scene and bringing downtown to me.


It's a bit shaky, and the sun had faded more than I wanted, but I'm still pleased with the shot. I never once had a lens this long on my Canon, and seeing those houses so close with downtown looming behind makes me happy.


In the tiny pile of lenses there is also a Pentax 50mm f/2 (100mm converted) and an Albinon 28mm f/2.8 macro (56mm converted). I'm not deluded; I don't think these are going to radically change my photography. It's just nice knowing that a sub-$20 adapter buys me into this world of old manual focus lenses, many of which are available used (as they'd have to be, I guess) for under $50 over at KEH.

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Taken on December 7, 2012