• I'm telling you. No amount of award or trophy will be worth it. You'll leave lines in your face if you keep this up! I prescribe a massge. - Undead Bacon

You know what this face says?

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This face says, very clearly, "Do you have ANY idea what time I went to bed last night? No? Well, it was late, let me tell you. Or maybe it was early, I lost track. Now I've been out here walking around Los Alamos and El Olivar in the incredibly hot sun for over an hour, maybe two. I'm beat. I'm tired. It's hot even in the shade. I'm soaked with sweat. The muscles around my eyes are so fatigued from squinting that now they're rebelling, closing on their own, and it feels like I'm falling asleep. I can't keep my eyes open. AND THAT TRAIN BEHIND ME IS GOING OPPOSITE THE DIRECTION THAT I NEED. Where is my train? Please let me go home."

(the why of it all)

  1. hackett ages ago | reply

    You know, there's an easy answer to this, Chochacho.

    Get some sleep, hombre.

  2. kylalynn ages ago | reply

    awww... poor Kevin...

  3. Professor Face ages ago | reply

    damn son. you look like sheeit.
    Someone put him on his train!

  4. stacie* ages ago | reply


  5. trillium* ages ago | reply

    It hurts me to see you like this Kevin. You don't look like yourself at all. You look like David Schwimmer with a hangover

  6. faust0matic ages ago | reply

    Ugh. Was hot here today too...went to Seattle for the Pan Asian street festival. I was sweating bad enough that my pants felt wet. Just got out of the shower here. Hopefully posting some pictures of it later.

  7. stacie* ages ago | reply

    That is a David Schwimmer face! Ha!

  8. Jana (ugobananas) ages ago | reply

    very david schwimmer with a little nicholas cage.

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