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The Art of Perfection | by Kevin L O'Mara
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The Art of Perfection

Alternate title: Life is hard when you know good people.


Okay, so here's the story. Cure asked me to come get a product shot of one of Rhiannon's cocktails [in case I have not mentioned it 100 times already, I did the photography for the Cure site plus promo stuff as needed]. I did the shoot on Thursday night but due to A.) incompetence and B.) camera problems I came away with dozens of shots that were all terrible. I went back today to rectify the situation.


I got the cocktail shot in just a few minutes - having tortured myself all weekend thinking about screwing up the shot sure was a great way to envision what the shot should have been, leading to some quick work. Then Rhiannon, one of my favorite bartenders there, said, "Hey, hold on for a sec if you can. I have this NEW cocktail that's been bouncing around in my head for a week and I only have it on paper, I've never actually put it together. Stick around and taste it for me."


Well, fine. I gotta taste a brand new never-before-assembled cocktail. Woe is me.


She made one and it was good, but not perfect. Oh, yeah, for the record, I'm not discussing what's going into this thing. She was going to submit it to a particular competition but found out she can't, but she still may be keeping this under wraps. I'm not spoiling the recipe for nobody. The most I'll say is that there was Bols Genever involved, but you wouldn't know it from the taste. It was craftily incorporated.


Version one: maybe a little bit empty in the middle. She had an alternate ingredient in mind.


Version two: alternate ingredient tried. No go.


Version three: return to version one, except on the rocks instead of chipped ice. Helped drink maintain consistency, increased the overall richness and mouthfeel.


Version four: some smartass (yes, me) suggested that for further increased mouthfeel perhaps an egg white could be used, creating a drink not unlike the Pisco Sour. Suggestion accepted, egg white added, other ingredient proportions altered accordingly.


Version five: same as version four with one single drop of an additional ingredient added, which altered the drink dramatically and took it in kind of the wrong direction. Reversion to version four suggested.


There were three of us actively testing this recipe for Rhiannon. I think we all agreed that version four was the best. I don't know if she went on to other versions after I left, but I think she'd gotten close to a solution. Regardless of whether or not it ever hits any contest or menu I'm happy to have been a part of its creation.

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Taken on August 9, 2009