Partners for Pediatric Progress (P3) - Mozambique Trip - June 2011
Partners for Pediatric Progress (P3) - Mozambique Trip - June 25-30, 2011

Actor Kevin McKidd accompanies Dr. Lee Todd Miller and others with nonprofit Partners for Pediatric Progress to Mozambique in June 25-30, 2011.

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Partners for Pediatric Progress (P3) is an established program under the umbrella of the Program in Global Health at UCLA.

The mission of P3 is is to improve the health and care of children in some of the poorest regions of the world, by providing focused training for the physicians and healthcare workers in partner countries. (or example, pediatricians from medical schools here training local physicians abroad).

All faculty members involved are volunteering their services. Overhead is therefore extremely low—i.e., P3 just needs to raise travel and ground expenses for each project.

Sustainability is an absolute priority, with a focus on building local capacity for global partners (i.e., rather than just operating clinics in these settings, P3 also trains local health care workers and medical faculty, who can in turn train the next generation of local physicians).

P3 also provides training experiences for U.S. medical students and residents in these settings. There’s great evidence in the literature that such experiences promote more humanism, cultural sensitivity and a greater commitment to working with underserved populations here at home.

All partner sites are strictly vetted, based on need and safety (i.e., childhood morbidity and mortality data, limitations of local resources, etc). For example, Mozambique is a country with over 10 million children and less than 20 pediatricians in the entire country! There are also no pediatric sub-specialists and no pediatric surgeons in the nation.

Partners for Pediatric Progress has generated enthusiasm from pediatricians and pediatric surgeons from all over the country who will volunteer their services. Its model is to send teams of physicians to Maputo, Mozambique and Iquitos, Peru (in the Amazon basin) every 2-3 months to train the local children’s health care providers in these settings.
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