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    Big Data Can Generate Big Brainstorms

    High Order Bit
    Tuesday, 10/18/2011
    Location: Grand Ballroom
    Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley and Hybrid Wisdom Labs)

    1. Fujitsu_Labs 42 months ago | reply

      This slide was from presentation by Prof. Ken Goldberg of UC Berkeley. A team of researchers in our labs are collaborating with his group. They're doing great stuff, such as Opinion Space, "a new social media technology designed to help communities generate and exchange ideas about important issues and policies. A version of Opinion Space is being used by the U.S. State Department, where it has attracted thousands of participants from around the world to organize, visualize, and analyze constructive suggestions on foreign policy. Opinion Space is a self-organizing system that uses an intuitive graphical "map" that displays patterns, trends, and insights as they emerge and employs the wisdom of crowds to identify and highlight the most insightful ideas. The system uses a game model that incorporates techniques from deliberative polling, collaborative filtering, and multidimensional visualization." More details here:

    2. Kevin Krejci 30 months ago | reply

      Here are some updated links to more about opinion space:

      And a contest for participants who use the tool to discuss their ideas about the intersection of social media and education:

    3. Kevin Krejci 7 months ago | reply

      Here is my little presentation on using good data about self, to track my progress against Parkinson's disease, from a talk I gave at a Quantified Self meetup. If enough empowered patients start generating more of their health and fitness data 24/7, imagine how all this "bigger data" could impact health outcomes:

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