Maywood Civic Assoc
Maywood is a neighborhood or "civic association" in Arlington County, Virginia. Maywood occupies a total of 460 acres of land.

Commercial Property
A narrow strip of Maywood runs along the Lee Highway Commercial Corridor, one of Arlington's "urban villages." This strip includes two shopping centers, both of which were once railroad stations earlier in the history of the community. They are now dominated by Safeway and Giant supermarkets.

Residential Property
In 1990, Maywood became Arlington's first Neighborhood Historic District. The designation was made to preserve the residential character of one of Washington's earliest suburbs. 198 of Maywood's 300 structures are single family residential homes that contribute its designation as a historic district.

Public Land
Maywood is home to two of Arlington's County parks. Thrifton Hill Park is a 3.5 acre nature park. Maywood Mini Park is a small community playground.

Physical Geography
Maywood neighborhood was developed on part of a landform known as "Thrifton Hill," one of the many rolling hills of the Appalachian Piedmont.

Thrifton Hill divides the Windy Run and Spout Run watersheds. Both streams are tributaries of the nearby Potomac River. The hill extends northeast beyond Maywood where it drops sharply to the coastal plain at the Potomac Palisades. The Potomac Palisades are part of a geological feature known as the fall line, and both Windy Run and Spout Run form 30 foot cascade waterfalls as they run down Thrifton Hill near their confluence with the Potomac River. Neither of the two streams actually flow within Maywood's borders, although they provide drainage for all of the neighborhood's storm water. In the opposite direction, to the west, Thrifton Hill continues into Cherrydale, where it rises in elevation and eventually becomes indistinguishable from the rest of the Piedmont Plateau.

For now, this photographs in this set are distributed as follows:

* 8 highest rated photos taken inside my apartment at 2135 N. Monroe Street
* 8 photos taken at Maywood's parks
* 6 highest rated photos taken along the Maywood portion of the Lee Highway Commercial Corridor
* 6 photos from Maywood's historic suburban single-family residential core
* 8 highest rated photographs taken on my balcony and elsewhere in the Morene Apartments complex

I will attempt to distribute the photographs in a more interesting manner, once I have taken more high quality photos of parts of the neighborhood other than the Morene Apartments where I live.
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