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    Moluccan Cockatoo - Wingham Wildlife Park, Kent, England - Sunday August 10th 2008.
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    This lil ol birdie is actually pink...however as I have to please the pink one who has to be pinked it up a tad more...what one has to do when the Pink one speaks, I aim to her awesome images here ~ ~Hope that's sorted out your pink request my friend...:O)))

    The Moluccan Cockatoo, Cacatua moluccensis also known as Salmon-crested Cockatoo is a cockatoo endemic to south Moluccas in eastern Indonesia. At 50 cm, it is the largest of the white cockatoos. The female is larger than the males on average. It has white-pink feathers with a definite peachy glow, a slight yellow on the underwing and underside of the tail feathers and a large retractable recumbent crest which it raises when threatened, revealing hitherto concealed bright red-orange plumes to frighten potential attackers (may also be raised in excitement, or other 'emotional' displays). It also has one of the louder calls in the parrot world and in captivity is a capable mimic.

    In the wild the Moluccan Cockatoo inhabits lowland forests below 1000m. The diet consists mainly of seeds, nuts and fruit, as well as coconuts.

    Endangered status in the wild ~ The Moluccan Cockatoo is an endangered species, and has been listed on appendix I of CITES since 1989, which makes trade in wild-caught birds illegal. Trade in captive bred birds is legal only with appropriate CITES certification. Numbers have declined due to illegal trapping for the cage-bird trade and habitat loss. During the height of the trapping of this species over 6,000 birds were being removed from the wild per year. It has a stronghold in Manusela National Park on Seram, although even today some illegal trapping continues.

    Aviculture ~ The Moluccan Cockatoo can no longer be imported into the United States because it is listed on the Wild Bird Conservation Act. However, they are being bred in captivity. The Moluccan Cockatoo is widely considered to be the most demanding parrot to keep as a pet. A typical Moluccan Cockatoo needs around eight hours of daily attention from its caregiver to keep it happy. As with most large cockatoos, the Moluccan Cockatoo develops health and behavioral problems such as feather-plucking and aggression if not provided with the appropriate environment, attention, and enrichment opportunities.

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    1. Shoky Bsbs 69 months ago | reply

      wonderful , how come this lovely pink !

    2. q1w2e3md 69 months ago | reply


      (But I don't know how to post that strawberry icon.)

    3. blueblankut [deleted] 68 months ago | reply

      I would like a cracker!!
      PINKALICIOUS! (Post 1, Award 2)
      100% Delicious
      Pinkalicious (Post 1, Award 2)

    4. Deniseop 68 months ago | reply

      So cute!! Great shot!! *Ü*

    5. what's life about? [deleted] 68 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called How Pink can it get???, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    6. priscilalucenasimoa 68 months ago | reply

      Oi! Sou administrador de um grupo chamado Rosa-Pink-Rose e nós adoraríamos ter isto adicionado ao grupo!

    7. Elysia in Wonderland 66 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Perfectly Pink, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    8. Luiz Gustavo Siqueira 66 months ago | reply

      Beautiful picture, I never saw a bird with that color. Congratulations!

    9. Nicki82399 63 months ago | reply

      Pink is my favorite color... So I love this bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. ♥ Jovas ♥ ツ 62 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Pink Mood (Post 1 & Award 2), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    11. Pogorita 61 months ago | reply

      You are invited to join Pink Mania &/or add this image

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    12. Tara Johnston Photography 49 months ago | reply

      Would love to have you enter this in our Shutter Love Tuesday Photo Share! Every week we have a new THEME! next week is BALLOONS! This week it's PINK! Love Tuesdays

      Hope to see you there. Tara

    13. terecool 49 months ago | reply

      the best ***** wow to many comments

    14. Myoocreate 48 months ago | reply

      Hi Keven- I am researching photographers on flickr, who would suit our competition.

      The contest is focused on photos that highlight innovative solutions to the biodiversity crisis. A few examples: permaculture projects; habitat restoration; seedbanks; artificial reefs; city farms; sustainable fishery projects, conservations etc.

      Looks like quite a few of your pictures on the could be eligible for our $3000 photo contest with National Geographic and UNEP

      The competition is focused on photos that highlight innovative solutions to the biodiversity crisis. It closes to entries on 30 May.
      (FYI - photographers can enter up to six photos each. To be eligible photos must not have been published or have won an award in any other photo contest).

      Hope you will consider entering in some of your photos- they look amazing! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and email me if you decide to submit any photos. Have a lovely day!

      Valerie Yep

    15. Fenna Vg 13 months ago | reply

      Cute looking bird!

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