• left..through a gated opening, is a subterianian cafeteria with street level skywindows, Accessing Grand Kahler and Mariott Inns. This subwalkway connects WITH SKYWAYS downtown, even the City Hall across the river!

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Mn

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3 levels of curvedflowing glass railings, marble columns & balconies, on this polished marble floor in background, left enters the clinics Rochester's walkway system. Connecting it's skyway over a river the city hall to Auditorium, Eateries, library, 5 inns, other medical clinics and shopping! (see picNOTE)

The area right is one of two 6 elevator banks, the south expanding 1950's building was initially 10 stories, followed in the '70s by an additional 10, with expanded elevators. The Gonda north 2000 addition tripled the structure, including 8 glass skywalk connecting the Methodist hospital, north.
Following railing in this early morning capture.

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  1. DonaSite 36 months ago | reply

    Hey! You fixed it..
    I was going to say how impressive this is and that you captured the curved angles very nicely..
    I am interested in learning more about the clinic.

  2. Onasill 36 months ago | reply

    We were fortunate on our first trip but many are on 4x6' of JW in Racine.
    What a beauty of a capture Keveh.
    Use to get a news letter from them for several years.
    Still I believe one of most reliable info on the net for health.

  3. wards work 36 months ago | reply

    Here's the classiest and closest

    More info by clickn this pic...
    Careful booking since there are sometimes SMALL economy rooms staying here is surprisingly affordable!

  4. McGilvray-LIGHTNINGgirl 36 months ago | reply

    Glad I don't have to keep those floors and glass clean. Nice looking bldg.

  5. jbillings06 36 months ago | reply

    Very cool shot. Nice angle to show the curves and design.

  6. SBeatrice13 36 months ago | reply

    Sweet shot, love all the lines

  7. digirose 36 months ago | reply

    An amazing building.
    A superb image, perfectly composed and well taken. Beautiful work Keveh.

  8. jackalope22 36 months ago | reply

    Beautiful place - just hope i never need their services!

  9. wards work 36 months ago | reply

    true, the issues they solve would stump Fox's DR House!
    Some credit goes to the CHEERY saturation TEMPERATURE of PICNIK!
    But...following a budget/plan, OF COURSE!
    Amazing curves, & in wood!
    Great cleaning staff

    Angles and challenges-2 LOVE
    We still GET the Mayo Clinic newsletter.
    Bryan THANKS 1 & ALL!
    SWEET Sara

  10. beccafromportland 36 months ago | reply

    That's spectacular!

  11. arrowlakelass 35 months ago | reply

    Beautifully captured, I like this!

  12. Penlinken 35 months ago | reply

    Wow. arn't you lucky to have this fabulous clinic.
    You should see our place. no one wants to go in case they come out dead.

  13. Penlinken 35 months ago | reply

    If I have to be sick. hope I have a place like this to be treated.

  14. Dan Goorevitch 35 months ago | reply

    hospitals! spent too much time in em!

  15. wards work 35 months ago | reply

    Thanks~Impressive clinic~Many treated here are from places with socialized medicine!
    Fortunately~All my visits were accompanying others~D

  16. wards work 35 months ago | reply

    Gonga atrium

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