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314/366 - My Brothers | by kettiby
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314/366 - My Brothers

(8th July 2012) - As my auntie Nasreen was visiting with her family over the weekend, my mum had invited them over for dinner in the evening. And like the last time we invited them, my mum had asked me to take care of the mains and dessert. The mains was going to be the curry that I'd made on 5th May and the dessert was to be carrot cake.


To make sure we wouldn't be distracted in the afternoon with sorting lunch out, we all had a massive breakfast (waffles, eggs, beans, toast and tea!), after which I went to the supermarket and gripped the ingredients I'd need for the curry and cake. On the way back, I got a call from Sujaad informing me that his younger brother, Jawaad, had had a baby boy! Which was lovely news.


I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking the curry, whilst also watching the Murray vs Federer Wimbledon final on my phone. Even though I love Federer, I was sort of rooting for Murray this time. Federer was too good though, and won. I don't make curry very often and so I spent quite a long time making sure everything was perfectly sliced and that all my measurements were spot on. Which really is the opposite of how to make good curries! Curries are all about instinct (or andaaza as my mum says), as you react accordingly to the colour, dryness and taste of the curry and adapt as you go along. As I started cooking, I thought something wasn't quite right and so I panicked and threw in more chillies, hoping it would be ok. After the curry was done, I got on with the cake, which proved far easier.


Luckily, it all turned out fine! Everyone loved the curry and it went down well. I could barely taste anything, which I think was due to the fact that I'd been stood over the pot (or handi) and so my taste buds had been skewed.


Today's photo was taken as we all retired to the lounge to drink tea, eat cake and relax.

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Taken on July 8, 2012