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35/366 - After Work | by kettiby
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35/366 - After Work

(3rd October 2011) - Today was a pretty miserable day.


I had very little sleep, which meant that I was grumpy all day. And the highlight of the working day, lunch, was terrible. We went to a deli we normally go to called 'Franklins', and despite the fact that it's been on a decline for a while now, it was particularly terrible today.


And when you're grumpy anyway, I find that even the smallest things can make the day worse. Like the bag I use to carry my stuff in. It's old and falling apart. A side effect of this is that it leaves bits of debris whenever I put it down, which meant I had loads of little black bits all over my desk and lap at the end of the day.


So despite feeling tired, I felt it be best to go looking for a new bag. And I remember a place in Northern Quarter sold some funky looking bags. And they did! But they were too small for what I needed them for, so had to leave.


On my way back to the bus, I noticed it was getting dark. Considering only a few days ago we were experiencing a heatwave, it was a bit disheartening to see how quickly Manchester came back to normality. All in all, a day I'd rather forget!

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Taken on October 3, 2011