Spiral Dynamics™ Visualizations
I wanted to synthesize the many different dimensions of the Spiral Dynamics™ model for psychological and cultural evolution, and so I scoured the internet for all of the different visualizations and presentations of this densely packed theory.

I've found that a really great way to get a sense of each worldview is to read the characteristics of each "vMeme" color. But this is really just scratching the surface for what it means and how to apply it, and so be sure to click on the main photo page to see the link back to each primary source -- or in some cases second-hand source.

A great way to browse these is to click the Slideshow button up top, and immediately pause it so that you can use the arrows to go forwards and backwards.

For more information, be sure to check out:
The original Clare W. Graves research and material, which is what Spiral Dynamics™ is based upon.
SpiralDynamics.COM (Info about the book that popularized Graves' research by Don Beck and Chris Cowan called, "SPIRAL DYNAMICS: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change")
SpiralDynamics.NET (Beck's Branch of Spiral Dynamics Integral)
SpiralDynamics.ORG (Cowan's Spiral Dynamics Branch)
More links and information is aggregated on here: delicious.com/kentbye/spiraldynamics
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