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Social Media Patterns (Energy Minimized / Defined Edge Lengths)

digraph G {node [style=filled]; epsilon=.00000001;

"Adding friends" -> "Confirming Friendship" [len=2];

"Adding friends" -> "One-way Following" [len=2];

"Arguing" -> "Having Flame Wars" [len=2];

"Arguing" -> "Vendetta-ing" [len=2];

"Arguing" -> "Sock-Puppeting" [len=2];

"Collaborating" -> "Asking for a Favor" [len=2];

"Collaborating" -> "Sharing" [len=2];

"Collaborating" -> "Managing Rights" [len=2];

"Collaborating" -> "Having a lifecycle" [len=2];

"Collaborating" -> "Establishing Urgency" [len=2];

"Collaborating" -> "Feedback" [len=2];

"Communicating" -> "Private Messaging" [len=3];

"Communicating" -> "Arguing" [len=3];

"Communicating" -> "Identity" [len=3];

"Communicating" -> "Managing Community" [len=3];

"Communicating" -> "Group Messaging" [len=3];

"Social Networking" -> "Subscribing to updates" [len=2];

"Social Networking" -> "Starting a Community" [len=2];

"Social Networking" -> "Adding friends" [len=2];

"Social Networking" -> "Social Search" [len=2];

"Social Networking" -> "Giving a Gift" [len=2];

"Social Networking" -> "Networking" [len=2];

"Social Networking" -> "Dating" [len=2];

"Creating groups" -> "Interest explicitly declared by user" [len=2];

"Creating groups" -> "Interest implicitly deduced by system" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Flirting" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Marrying" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Status-announcing" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Drunk-dialing" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Divorcing" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Cybersex" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Virtual gifting" [len=2];

"Dating" -> "Watching" [len=2];

"Deleting" -> "Wiki Gardening" [len=2];

"Deleting" -> "Content Molting" [len=2];

"Deleting" -> "Stagnation / Linkrot" [len=2];

"Establishing Urgency" -> "Having timeliness" [len=2];

"Event Making" -> "Reminding";

"Event Making" -> "Calendaring";

"Feedback" -> "Providing Feedback" [len=2];

"Feedback" -> "Soliciting Feedback" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Digg This!" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Creating groups" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Rating" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Deleting" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Reviewing" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Tagging" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Blocking" [len=2];

"Filtering" -> "Mashing Up" [len=2];

"Group Messaging" -> "Storing Conversation" [len=2];

"Group Messaging" -> "Discovering Conversation" [len=2];

"Group Messaging" -> "Publishing" [len=2];

"Group Messaging" -> "Chatting in groups" [len=2];

"Identity" -> "Decorating" [len=2];

"Identity" -> "Claiming" [len=2];

"Identity" -> "Declaring preferences in Profiles" [len=2];

"Learning" -> "Aggregating";

"Learning" -> "Sense-Making";

"Learning" -> "Saving";

"Learning" -> "Sharing knowledge";

"Learning" -> "Lurking";

"Managing Community" -> "Participating" [len=2];

"Managing Community" -> "Forking a group" [len=2];

"Managing Community" -> "Moderating Groups" [len=2];

"Managing Community" -> "Leaderboard" [len=2];

"Managing Community" -> "Rewarding Participatation" [len=2];

"Managing Community" -> "Controlling Access to Shared Items" [len=2];

"Managing Community" -> "Forum Behavior" [len=2];

"Managing Community" -> "Facilitating discussions" [len=2];

"Managing Rights" -> "Licensing" [len=2];

"Managing Rights" -> "Legal Issues" [len=2];

"Mapping" -> "Geo-mapping" [len=2];

"Mapping" -> "Abstract mapping" [len=2];

"Marketing" -> "Monetizing" [len=2];

"Marketing" -> "Promoting" [len=2];

"Marketing" -> "Spamming" [len=2];

"Microblogging" -> "Presence" [len=2];

"Monitoring Activity about Me" -> "Vanity Searching" [len=2];

"Monitoring Activity about Me" -> "Egosurfing" [len=2];

"Presence" -> "Ambient Intimacy" [len=2];

"Presence" -> "Updating Status" [len=2];

"Presence" -> "Twittering" [len=2];

"Private Messaging" -> "Nudging" [len=2];

"Private Messaging" -> "Having exclusive sidebar" [len=2];

"Private Messaging" -> "whispering" [len=2];

"Private Messaging" -> "backchanneling" [len=2];

"Private Messaging" -> "Instant Mesaging" [len=2];

"Private Messaging" -> "E-mailing" [len=2];

"Private Messaging" -> "Skyping" [len=2];

"Promoting" -> "Announcing" [len=2];

"Promoting" -> "Pimping" [len=2];

"Providing Feedback" -> "Commenting on an Object" [len=2];

"Publishing" -> "Updating" [len=2];

"Publishing" -> "Creating" [len=2];

"Publishing" -> "Editing" [len=2];

"Publishing" -> "Blogging" [len=2];

"Publishing" -> "Microblogging" [len=2];

"Publishing" -> "Rich Media" [len=2];

"Reputation" -> "Egoboosting" [len=2];

"Reputation" -> "Friend Ranking" [len=2];

"Reputation" -> "Monitoring Activity about Me" [len=2];

"Reputation" -> "Judging quality of comment" [len=2];

"Rich Media" -> "Mapping" [len=2];

"Rich Media" -> "Podcasting" [len=2];

"Rich Media" -> "Remixing" [len=2];

"Rich Media" -> "Sharing photos" [len=2];

"Rich Media" -> "Visualizing Data" [len=2];

"Rich Media" -> "Video" [len=2];

"Sharing" -> "Sharing objects" [len=2];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Collaborating" [len=4];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Communicating" [len=6];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Social Networking" [len=4];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Event Making" [len=4];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Filtering" [len=4];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Learning" [len=4];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Marketing" [len=4];

"Social Media Patterns" -> "Reputation" [len=4];

"Social Search" -> "Finding People" [len=2];

"Spamming" -> "Mass-Friending" [len=2];

"Spamming" -> "Tag spamming" [len=2];

"Tagging" -> "Geotagging" [len=2];

"Tagging" -> "Collaboratively Filtering Tags" [len=2];

"Tagging" -> "Navigating Tag Clouds" [len=2];

"Video" -> "Video Editing" [len=2];

"Video" -> "Watching Videos" [len=2];

"Video" -> "Videoblogging" [len=2];

"Video" -> "Viral Video" [len=2];

"Watching" -> "Stalking" [len=2];


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