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    Life-sized polystyrene Alpha Geek, awarded to the Mail Team (the Oddpost guys) at Yahoo!

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    1. zotter 114 months ago | reply

      Oddpost was cool over a year ago..and well... was cooler without Yahoo.

      The only thing Yahoo has managed to add is advertising bloat.

      Dear Yahoo, you'll have to do better than this going forward. Acquiring a company and touting their capabilities is so Microsoft.

    2. future progress 114 months ago | reply

      "Not since the code breakers in Britain's Bletchley Park deciphered Germany's Enigma code during World War II has so much brainpower been focused on kicking an enemy's ass."

      haha...well said...


    3. GuillaumeB 114 months ago | reply

      Well true Gmail is now way behind !!! Even Live Mail beta is way better than Gmail . Yahoo Mail beta kicks everybody's ass

    4. ccho 114 months ago | reply

      Use double quotes to enclose a phrase, or else your tags may attract people looking for photos of donkeys or romantic moments.

    5. gleemie 114 months ago | reply

      Of course, the alpha geek is male.

    6. wasitova 114 months ago | reply

      Congrats! The New Yahoo Mail surely deserves it!

      A happy Beta user...

    7. sgrah 114 months ago | reply

      ...I'm using yahoo mail, and I haven't even noticed any changes.

      Does that make me blind and stupid?

    8. b7j0c [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      its sad when you have to buy yourself a trophy.

    9. A.H.M. 114 months ago | reply

      This is kind of pre-emptive when most people are still using the old, ad-ridden Yahoo Mail.

    10. Fermi Zhang 114 months ago | reply

      Well, at least we are using Flickr(which is part of Yahoo!) for free(some of us)...

    11. GrooveSurfer 114 months ago | reply

      74000 views! (and I'm the 74001) :) its amazing the power of slashdot to drive site traffic. if this was a non-pro site the server would have been on its knees :) congrats to the yahoo team for recognizing ) the efforts of it's dev team on a project!

    12. Adrian in Dallas 114 months ago | reply

      Somehow this is remindful of the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner that decorated the aircraft carrier a NUMBER OF YEARS AGO as the frat-boy (and costumed) puppet of the war-profiteer vice-president announced the end of hostilities in Iraq... That wasn't true then, and Yahoo will NEVER win the war against Google now. Methinks Yahoo's "celebration" is equally premature.

    13. Ed Byrne 114 months ago | reply

      Is it just me or does that statue look a little bit like Bill Gates?

    14. superbillman89 114 months ago | reply

      Ha, thats not what they're stocks say... In a game of monopoly, Google kicks Yahoo's ass.

    15. jaqian 114 months ago | reply

      Ha Ha both were beaten to the 1Gb mail by

    16. mihir 114 months ago | reply

      Nice! Still waiting to get my hands dirty on the new yahoo mail interface! Have signed up but no luck yet in getting access to the beta service. When are they opening up more widely?

    17. kamada 114 months ago | reply

      Yes, he is in purple vest ;)

    18. bsdguru 114 months ago | reply

      Kentbrew what happened to the pic of the text?

    19. emil_yang_fei 113 months ago | reply

      Yahoo!Mail Need not beat anyone,just do yourself better as you can!

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