Check your peephole when you check in!

This was unbelievably creepy. Everybody please be careful out there.


(Yes, the hotel took care of me and the situation, so I am trying not to call them out by name. They were mortified, and instantly sent houskeeping door-to-door. But still: brrr! Creepy!)

  • Laura Lemay 5y

  • Abi Jones 5y

    That's horrifying. I'll be checking my hotel room tonight. Wow.
  • stevecooley 5y

    peephole, indeed.
  • KatLesLex 5y

  • cynk 5y

    how weird!! why would they push a piece of paper in your room?
  • Glenn Fleishman 5y

    You can buy a simple peephole reverser (a thing I was unaware of until googling after seeing your photo) at Amazon:
  • LiLi S. 5y

    Oh my...Everytime I will stay in a hotel, I will dress in the bathroom now....Maybe not if you also find something wrong in the bathroom-))
  • springvirus 5y

    came via Gizmodo...
  • kentbrew 5y

    I'm going to assume the piece of paper wound up in the room because whoever-it-was pushed it through instead of pulling it out with tweezers, Cyn.
  • Scott Schiller 5y

    Your observant manner means you find all sorts of odd things, this is no exception. Good find, and yes, rather odd/creepy!
  • soulrider223 5y

    Anyone can go online and buy a reverse peephole viewer lens if they want to. It's just a series of small lenses that reverse the lenses in the peephole allowing you to see in just like someone can normally see out. It's very small and concealable. So, whether or not some does this to your peephole, you could be being watched at anytime home, in your apartment, in your condo, in your hotel room. I just put a small piece of tape or post-it note over the peephole and problem solved.
  • Scott Strehlow 5y

    Hmm, it won't play.
  • honeyboba 5y

    Agreed with .schill. Most of us--like myself--would probably kick it out of the way when we see it and go on about our business. Great eye!
  • troye owens 5y

  • nickbot mobile 5y

    I would say there's *absolutely* nothing sinister or even mildly creepy about this whatsoever. The peephole is missing the bushing that it screws into that should have been on the inside face of the door (i.e. in your room) - it's likely this has either loosened over time or a guest has fiddled with it and it has been lost, so it's a maintenance issue that would be easily missed by anyone such as a chambermaid unless they are specifically looking for it. With regard to the paper, it's certainly not uncommon to see peepholes blocked up with paper by those who are either slightly paranoid, or very sensitive to the small dot/shaft of light that might shine into the room when the lights are out (particularly in the case where the little shutter, normally attached to the internal bushing, is missing). Due to the ill fitting lens piece on the outer face of the door and the fact that the paper isn't tight within the hole, it probably fell out onto the carpet when you shut the door, or when a slight draft of air came into the room (luggage cart being wheeled past in the corridor outside/window being opened in the room for example).
  • grivooga 5y

    Pretty sure you're over thinking this. Most likely just a maintenance issue. The inside piece might have been broken or for some other reason removed and never replaced. The paper was probably placed in the hole just to fill it up and make it less noticeable because maintenance probably didn't have a replacement laying around. The little paper ball probably fell out just by chance. Really seems like a lot of effort for practically no reason since it's not like you can see much and anyone looking through it would be really obvious to anyone in the hallway.

    If someone really wanted to fulfill their voyeuristic tendencies there must be many better and easier ways.
  • kentbrew 5y

    No, it absolutely did not fall out when I shut the door. I'm one of those light-sensitive people, so I blocked the bottom of the door with a pillow before turning in, and there was nothing on the floor at that time. I never opened the window; it was 22 degrees outside. And I don't see how a breeze from the hall could have blown it out, since the peephole was tight up against the front of the door.
  • lisajames4799 4y

    i will be checking from now on , thanks for your investigation
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Uploaded on December 1, 2010

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