Kenny Irwin Bic Ball Point Pen Drawings
"Vision behind the Bic ball point pen drawings and my body of art work that transcends 43 different mediums of artwork"

It all started after endless years of non existence that I found myself randomly placed on this medium size carbon based world known as Earth on the outer fringes of the Milky Way galaxy. A name for this galaxy made up by humans located in the rare silicate belt. An area of about dozen star systems in space that has extreme difficulty communicating with other species until one's own species becomes advanced enough to reach worlds with the common element still yet undiscovered by humans. Ever since conception I have received ultra vivid experiences that I suppose are dreambth but exceed daily reality impressed memory because of the sheer potency of the experiences. So vivid, so otherworldly and far beyond anything we humans can currently comprehend that only the closet thing to show are these Bic ball point pen drawings and body of artwork. They merely just touch upon and show a glimpse of an experience, one at a time of over 50,000 I have had in my short lifetime. In the early years I had speculated everyone shared in the same kind of experiences globally however I later learned other people's dreams were completely alien to my own and did not share a completeness of story in ultravivid sensory and total complete memorable experience. People told me that their dreams were confused, fragmented, only occurred during sleep, rare they could remember them and oftenly colorless relating to ordinary mundane living experiences confined to this world in no other time or place. In my dreams and I hate to call them that comes a force of energy through physical creation my body cannot even keep up with where my life is devoted to art above and beyond all. Art that is more than art but a method of communicating. The dreams count themselves and occur regularly after the sun sets below the horizon and stops when the sun rises above the horizon. The majority of my artwork reflects those experience. I feel it is more than art, it is a vision into the future that promises peace and prosperity for all of humankind as we begin our outward journey into the stars and embark on a new age of human expansion into places undiscovered, unknown and greatly unexplored that have only resided in the farthest reaches of our mind. The art is a reminder to set our differences behind and achieve the greatness that has been achieved by many intelligent species that have come before us in our galaxy. Species that have over come their differences and have thus reaped the rewards of absolute greatness in the cosmos for which they now help other developing civilizations were they once were. The art is a compilation of past and future events extending to far reaches of the cosmos. Past being alleged documented events while future being hypothetically calculated events. These future depictions show what can be and help inspire humans to do great and wonderful things for all the brothers and sisters of this planet sharing equal opportunity for all through development of each one's own talent. Also showing respect towards one another in the best possible way by cherishing our own uniqueness and not trying to make society assimilated into sameness under any form of oppression whether it be government or business anywhere on the planet. I believe I create art to bring color and boldness into this world by way of something I hardly understand myself but feel is something of a gift so incredible as to share it with the world and bring joy to so many people whether it be my drawings, sculptures, art environments, inventions of art or just making the world a brighter place one light at a time physically or symbolically. Humans are a great, wondrous, naive, curios and spectacular species. These are innocent and great attributes of oneness as a developing society. Through my art that I share with the planet I want to spread my artwork to the farthest reaches of our planet to bring smiles to so many faces where in turn people can be inspired to spread their talents in the greatest possible ways. My art is a full devotion from conception and will always be a full devotion for my love for this planet and the wonderful people that live on this planet. Come with me and see my art that takes you on a journey to future places, extraterrestrial civilizations, cosmic events, elemental surprise and intrigue through extraordinary adventures where we reside in a reality far more mysterious than any fiction could ever try to imply.
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