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Eternity - Rainbow Falls, California | by david.richter
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Eternity - Rainbow Falls, California

It's pretty hard to beat the Eastern Sierra trip as far as light goes. It was SWEET all week long. So I thought the title was more than fitting. On Sunday, after some epicness at Convict Lake and a mundane shooting at the basaltic rock formations at Devil's Postpile National Monument, a group of 6, including Brian, Mike and Greg was off to something bigger, something that should reward the eager hikers and photographers with the refreshing view on the Sierra. Literally.


A mere 2.5 mile hike into the burnt woods of the Inyo National Forest, we were greeted with a fabulous overview from the vista point onto the falls and it seems like Mike, arriving a little later than Brian and I, got to experience why the falls are named the way they are. But who are we shooting it from the vista point only, like tourists... yeah right. Down the steep stairs we go --- no problem. At this point, I wasn't thinking about climbing out of the mess I got myself into.


To make things worse, my tripod was still tucked in the back of the MoHo. Eff dat! So what's a photographer to do when he doesn't have one with him? Right, he builds his own. I was all over the place, collecting stones, ruining compositions for others and collecting stones to build my very own, patented, quite heavy but super sturdy Manfrotto-branded ROCK tripod. Brian was already giving me weird looks and so did the others but I think I set a new standard for outdoor shooting. No need to carry a heavy tripod---just build your own!


That said, if you find two piles of rocks stacked at Rainbow Falls, they are my tripods. Feel free to use them and with the right settings you might get something similar to the image above. Only thing I ask for is to give me credit in the write-up for your shot.


Alright, it was time to get out and all of a sudden, the hike to Rainbow Falls didn't seem like the best idea. It's only ONE mile to the shuttle pick-up station and but for some reason, the hike out is BY FAR more strenuous than the hike in. Especially those stairs... man, after the first set I was feeling the hike up to Cathedral Lakes already and I had more than 60 steps to go... I am sure Brian doesn't like the comparison with a bighorn sheep, so I skip the details on that one but let me tell you, he went up the stairs like a madman. Mike and I were slowly making progress but we got there... even though each step got higher and HIGHER!


We caught the shuttle bus out and after getting back to Lee Vining we ENJOYED our pulled BBQ sandwiches, burgers and WATER, which we also left in the car. Truly an experience and thanks for the great time!


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Taken on August 29, 2010