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Rising Dawn - Convict Lake, California | by david.richter
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Rising Dawn - Convict Lake, California

I don't want to rub it in, Miles... Sunrise at Convict on Sunday. ;p




Okay, so here is what happened. Sunday morning, Brian "The L" Rueb, Stephen "No way, I am not sleeping in a tent" Oachs and I, plus some eager folks wanting to learn more about landscape photography, got up at 4 to drive all the way to Convict Lake. Skies were just taunting and I was super excited to get there. From all the locations I wanted to shoot over the course of the workshop, this was THE place.


We got there early, in anticipation of battling a crowd of photographers with a storm approaching over the Sierra. We were the only ones there... well, about 16 of us. Anyhow, Brian, Jeanette, Mike and I found a sweet spot after some serious bushwhacking on the shoreline with some nice rocks to use as foreground anchors.


We set up and not a minute later, the wind picked up, ruining any chance of a mirror-like reflection. To make things worse, clouds were shifting fast over the ridge of Mount Laurel and Mount Morrison, dropping half way into the valley... at this point, I was pretty sure, it was starting to pour and we were sitting there with absolutely NO light.


As you can see, this wasn't the case... one of the most majestic sunrises I have ever seen unfolded in front of our eyes and cameras at one of the best locations in the Sierra, if you ask me. The rock face of Mt. Laurel is a beauty of its own and different shapes and textures always make it a nice backdrop. (Right, Miles?) But as with any good shoot, there are obstacles to tackle... the wind was blowing steadily and cleaning your filters from splashes got quite a balancing act, which I couldn't handle well at all times. Plop! There goes the filter, diving into the cold shore of Convict, hiding between the rocks like the convicts this lake was named after. Luckily, after some more balancing, using the tripod as a hiking pole, I was able to rescue my filter without any scratches. Thank goodness! Nothing like continuing shooting on a morning like this one.


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Why did Miles get to see this first? His shot was one of the reasons I wanted to shoot this place so bad and I almost --ALMOST-- feel bad about it. Yours, dudeness, still remains the BEST shot withOUT clouds!


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Taken on August 29, 2010