This was my second AIDS WALK LA and it was a blast.This year I raised over $1100 and my friend Tabitha walked on my team.

Once again I was part of the team of photographers who capture the entire event and just like last year, this too was so much fun. Since it was my second year I was a bit more relaxed and comfortable snapping pics. Not that I was uncomfortable last year, but you know how when you've done something before you just feel more settled.

The years AIDS WALK raised over 2 million dollars for HIV and AIDS services right here in LA.

Over 30,000 people spent their Sunday walking in the hot sun to show their love, support, honor and respect for the over 60 thousand people living with HIV or AIDS in Los Angeles and to pay tribute to those who have lost their loved ones to AIDS.

The day was magical and filled with so many smiles and people sharing laughs along with great conversation.

This wasn't a "community" event, nor did anyone feel like they could not be part of something so awesome because they con not afford to donate or raise money. This is an event for HUMANITY to help support other humans living with a HUMAN condition.

This is what I love the most about this event is the fact that is welcomes everyone. No one is excluded because they can not raise funds or have deep pockets.

I can't wait to be involved next year.
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