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Pizzamac LC | by kenfagerdotcom
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Pizzamac LC

Before I get into the item description let me set the stage...


In the mid-1990's Apple fans were Steve Jobs-less. Lacking their creative energy guru Apple cranked out poorly designed computers that earned the nickname "pizzabox." But Steve came back from the wilderness and cast out the heretics.


In 2004 the Apple world was rocked to the core (pun intentional) with the P-P-P-Powerbook scandel (google it). The Apple world has not recovered from laughing so hard since.


For near a decade Apple fans have been high and mighty. Long forgotten are the days of fickle extension managers, sketchy PC compatibility, endless streams of free AOL discs, proprietary hardware, and Pizzabox Macs. Apple fans have since grown fat at Job's utters of awesomeness. But now, in Job's leave of health-related absence, it is time to remind my fellow Apple fans of what darkness lies ahead should he permanently shed his mortal coil. (Side note: His immortal coil is that getup consisting of a black mock turtle-neck and jeans.)


For this reason...


...and the fact that my fiance has ordered me to "clear out some of this crap."


Out of my personal dungeon of rare Macs from the Dark Ages I render unto thee...


RARE Apple Prototype

Pizzamac LC

(16 inch Model)


This rare one-of-a-kind mint pristine prototype has everything a Macintosh should probably have. Its got all the ports and stuff. I opened the lid and the chips were all in there. I couldn't figure out what some of them are, but they taste of processed cheddar cheese. The original little white pizza-standy-thing is also included. I'll tape everything down before I ship it out.


On the top it says "In Pizza We Trust." Clearly the designer of this rare Mac has forsaken the almighty Jobs. I bet (s)he was cast out when Jobs returned.


The keyboard is stained a deep shade of jaundice yellow. This thing smells absolutely rancid. I think it may be because of all the grease. The original owner died of flagrant obesity without a permit. Anyway it has all the buttons you need to place an order at your local pizzadrome of choice. Of particular note is the "favor" payment option.


The mouse has been castrated to control ADB Mouse populations.


One final warning before getting into the nitty-gritty transaction details. This thing was never approved by the FCC and gives off copious amounts of radiation. I've been sterile since 1998 because of this machine, yet my fiance has had two kids. I recommend finding a heavy lead apron to wear when using this computer.


If you have any questions feel free to ask. Bid before James does. That guy will buy anything with an Apple logo hastily slapped on it. Then again, if you are trolling the Vintage Apple Computers category of eBay, in all probability you will too.


Payment via PayPal only. Shipping to the continental Unified States of Americaland only. You're outta luck Cannucks! Learn to speak Americano por favor! OBAMA 2012 and God Bless.


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Taken on February 1, 2009