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    I signed up for the Doll Quilt Swap and I had been looking forward to it for MONTHS. I was so upset when I had to drop out because of our adoption paperwork overwhelming me. I received a package in the mail today and thought what could this be? I opened it to find this quilt made by Angela Twee % cut to pieces! I just cried and cried when I read the card saying how she had wanted to still make this quilt for me....

    It is her interpretation of of our adoption journey. The "Rescuers" is the name of the quilt and the 3 sailors are our 3 biological sons and Charlotte (our baby girl waiting for us in China) is the little girl on the lily pad. It is the most amazing thing I have EVER seen and it will always be treasured.

    I started thinking...this is really the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. What would I do without my Flickr friends? You guys have been the GREATEST! I can't wait to get back on here when things settle down.

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    1. KarinKajsa 49 months ago | reply

      What a wonderful thing to do! But flick´r friends are realy FRIENDS!

    2. twinfibers 49 months ago | reply

      Oh, that is so special and so kind and so wonderful! It's absolutely beautiful!

    3. emma_louise 49 months ago | reply

      Well, with a story like that, I suppose even I can accept that should be yours and not mine - but you should still be thankful I don't know your address ;)

    4. Di2Quilt 49 months ago | reply

      This is indeed a special quilt! Best Wishes!!

    5. CASharp 49 months ago | reply

      Amazing! Perfection! God is good...all the time.

    6. maripenquilts 49 months ago | reply

      WOW, fantastic!

    7. {Leila} Where Orchids Grow 49 months ago | reply

      Awww how moving, this is one incredibly special quilt!!

    8. verykerryberry 49 months ago | reply

      As soon as I saw your name next to the thumbnail this quit made total sense! And then I read all the details too, a wonderful story telling gift

    9. What Comes Next 49 months ago | reply

      what a wonderful story - and what a sweetheart! This quilt just makes so much sense now - it was always fantastic, but knowing the story behind it - wow!

    10. LethargicLass 49 months ago | reply

      What an amazing story to be passed down to her... lovely, just lovely...

    11. LuckyDuckDreams 49 months ago | reply

      If only more people in the world would be as kind and generous!

    12. needleanddime 49 months ago | reply

      So soo sweet! What a great story!! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us!

    13. Cut To Pieces 49 months ago | reply

      Okay, you all are making me cry!

      I was finally able to share my side of the story, now that the quilt is safely with Kendra.


    14. ladmquilter 49 months ago | reply

      This is a truly amazing story and a gorgeous quilt to tell it with, good luck with the adoption and I agree the people here on flickr are wonderful.

    15. mybearpaw 49 months ago | reply

      Wow, what an amazing story, and what a beautiful thing Angela did!

    16. Lynne @ Lilys Quilts 49 months ago | reply

      Although partners are supposed to be secret, I did tell the mamas who Ang was making for and why, we were all crying like babies looking at this quilt and the three little boys out to rescue the girl. When you had to drop out (for the very best reasons) Ang was adamant she still wanted this quilt to come to you and she was right - it was made for you and couldn't go to anyone else. Good luck with the coming months. XXX

    17. Frecklemama 49 months ago | reply

      I have chills reading this. I completely agree about the magical, loving community we have here. Amazing! Generosity, support, AND creative mojo. What else could you want in a pack of peeps? Good luck to you on your journey :-)

    18. Olivethebeach 48 months ago | reply

      How incredible! I love it!

    19. Enchanted Tas 46 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful and thoughtful gesture!

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