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Zen and the Art of Wasting Time - Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada | by kendra is coming out stronger
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Zen and the Art of Wasting Time - Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada



After a rather extraordinaire Thanksgiving, both of us slept in on Friday morning. We had intentions of leaving early, so that we could get up to Tahoe in time to do a dive or two. With our late departure time and holiday traffic, we arrived far later then we intended. With no time to go diving we decided to go and set up for sunset. First drove by San Harbor, but decided to check out Bonsai rock. The southern pull out for Bonsai Rock had a vehicle already parked there. For a few moments we thought that it was Jave, Rich, and Barrett; whom we planned to meet for sunset. But instead it was another photographer trying to find Bonsai Rock. So we showed him the way and set off deciding our plan of action.


Bonsai Rock is tight with two people, but image three people. Especially Jim and I. We tend to fight about who can be where and who has priority to which spots. This comes about, because we almost ALWAYS end up wanting to shoot from the same spot. Doh!


We called Jave and he told us that he was staying at Sand Harbor with at least seven other photographers. That settled it, Bonsai Rock it is. We trudged through thigh high snow down to Bonsai Rock.On the way down we found the other photographers mother stuck in snow up to her waist. Jim pulled her out and we directed her a safe way down. The other photographer was an San Jose native. Funny, he was up a Bonsai Rock interested in trying to capture a shot similar to Jim's from last Thanksgiving.


With the sun far from setting I noticed this scence. The golden reflection of the water on the south side of the rock and slow moving clouds. I set up for a few long exposures with my solid 9 stop.

I watched the other photographers around me run around as relaxed and watched everything unfold.


Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm @ 14mm

f/14 for 121s

Hoya ND-400 X

Singh-Ray LB Color Combo

Lee 2 stop soft GND

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Taken on November 26, 2010