Homemade Laundry Detergent

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    1. Sarah's 2 cents 37 months ago | reply

      I noticed a lot of commenters were having trouble finding soda ash. Soda ash is used often when dying garments. Dharma Trading Company always carries soda ash if you can wait a few days fro it to arrive. (google them if you need to order) Craft stores that carry dye also carry soda ash - be advised the "craft" markup can be a little breath taking.

    2. WyMamaBear 28 months ago | reply

      I went to this site

      It has all you need to make your laundry soap except for the fels-naptha and it is only $2.50 a box. If you get enough you will have free shipping. I did it this way and had enough to last me a year. When I figured the cost of making my own versus purchasing, the saving was quite substantial!!

    3. ourstoyours 27 months ago | reply

      If you have an Ace Hardware nearby you can get it there...it was the NINTH store we checked...

    4. herchel1 26 months ago | reply

      Publix carries all three!

    5. july162004 23 months ago | reply

      Can this detergent be used in a he washer machine? Please reply!!! Thank you!!!!

    6. july162004 23 months ago | reply

      h.e. Stands for High Efficiency in the washer.

    7. myabo1 20 months ago | reply

      this is really a good picture and may you please help me make it for a science fair project.

    8. verna1962 16 months ago | reply

      I just came across this blog. Does anyone have the recipe to make laundry detergent?

    9. whitetiger_0603 15 months ago | reply

      You can get the Fels Naptha, Washing Soda and Borax all at Walmart in their laundry section. Depending on your store, there may be a small dedicated area for stuff like that...maybe in with the Oxy Clean. Fels Naptha is less than 2 dollars there. Or you can use the Castile soap or make your own soap like I do. Personally, i use both the Fels and my Castile soap in my laundry soap for all the extra cleaning power..baby clothes, girls' uniforms and my husband works for an oil rig servicing company! They was his coveralls but you never know what he gets on his regular clothes.

    10. Julescarecrow 14 months ago | reply

      For july162004...I have a high efficiency washer, and make the liquid version of this detergent. It works great. I use between a quarter and half cup of the liquid detergent. My washer is large capacity, so I use more than people with a regular sized washer. The soap is low sudsing when made into liquid. I also mix a couple of tablespoons of regular he detergent to each bottle that I mix up, as this helps to keep the detergent from coagulating. I'm still using my first recipe, which has lasted almost a year. I have a family of 5, with lots of family visiting regularly, and this saves me around $400 a year.

    11. Julescarecrow 14 months ago | reply

      The recipe can be found at duggarfamily.com

    12. dyantaylor2001 5 months ago | reply

      I have made this same recipe for two years now, and it is totally amazing how much money you save and the end product is great. It doesn't take any time to make up a batch. Two adult household using one batch a year !!!! Just be sure to not use too much at a time. It is very concentrated. I use one level tablespoon per load.

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