Loew's Fairmount Theatre, Bronx, NYC

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    Long view showing the size of the auditorium.

    1. rotoflex 105 months ago | reply

      It would be interesting to know the process blueprints went through at the Loew's organization, since so much was standardized: what features were imposed by the organization on the architect, what revisions were made by the organizations on the architect's submission, who was in charge of these at corporate, etc.

      That auditorium roof, fly tower, dressing room tower, etc. is so standardized in componentry & design practically down to scale across other mid- to late-20s Thomas Lamb designs for Loew's that this theatre could easily be just a revision of some existing plan at Loew's.

      Loew's was very good about standardizing things functional features that worked well, from plan features such as this to HVAC, to power distribution, to the efficient & useful projection room layouts that seem familiar when you enter any Loew's booth of this era, etc. Loew's start from the theater end would be just a non-defining contribution - the Publix/Paramounts were all over the place in good/poor features that seemed to just randomly occur or trickle through the designs, even though B&K were the theater guys that became the Paramount theater guys.

      That skeletal platform beneath the streetlight is the platform for the (removed) air conditioning cooling tower, the pyramidal structure to its right is the roof of the lantern over the stage, the door beneath the satellite dish opens onto the grid, $5 says there's a huge blower with babbited bearings in a room at the top corner nearest us just before the auditorium.

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