Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter

Published by THQ, 2009

Hired the art team and oversaw the earliest production stages. From pre-Alpha on I was directly involved, hands-on, making sure the team hit the target date at an acceptable quality.

I heavily optimized the production pipelines and established granular tracking methods to get the project back on track, efficiently directed art + design teams with precise polish hit lists, drove design resolutions, directed story interstitials, created level art and bug-fixed.

Game hit target date with a higher Amazon user rating than either DS version.

Note: These images reflect the effort of a team of many artists, designers, engineers, producers, and testers. As Art Director I do not make every asset in a project but engage in hundreds of hours of art direction and feedback, team management, production planning, asset implementation, &tc.

Images ©2009 THQ
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