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The Triangulum Galaxy - 10/16/09 | by Astro-Poverty
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The Triangulum Galaxy - 10/16/09

The Triangulum Galaxy (Messier Object 33)

Taken on 10/17/09

Scope: Stellarvue SV80ST

Mount: Celestron CGEM

Guide: 50mm Homemade Ghetto Guider (w/ PHD)

Camera: Canon Rebel XS (Modified by Gary Honis)

Field Flattener: Stellarvue SFF7-2

ISO: 800

Sub Time: 8 minutes

Exposure Time: 168 minutes

Captured with: Nebulosity

Pre Processed with: Nebulosity (w/ darks and flats)

Post Processed with: Pixinsight 1.5

Temperature: 48º F

Location: Eldorado, TX



This is a picture of the Triangulum Galaxy (Messier Object 33). This galaxy is about 3 million light years away. The light you are looking at left this galaxy about 500,000 years prior to the existence of the first known mammal. It belongs to a group of galaxies called the "Local Group" (because the Milky Way is also in it). This group consists of about 30 galaxies and this galaxy is the third largest (just behind Andromeda and the Milky Way). The Triangulum Galaxy contains about 35 billion stars (our own Milky way contains 300 billion starts and Andromeda contains 1000 billion stars). Andromeda is so massive that this galaxy may be gravitationally bound to it (it may actually orbit Andromeda). Triangulum is about 50,000 light years across (meaning it takes light 50,000 years to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other).

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Uploaded on November 26, 2009