Envirowales Limited
Jason Reeves, Logistics Manager, Envirowales Limited

"Having been driving a variety of truck makes since I passed my test in 1994 it has always been Scania that stood out for me. But it's not all about the truck itself – as a Transport Manager you expect the economy and the technology that comes with a Scania, but just as important is the sales process and the aftersales services etc. I have to say that Keltruck Scania Caldicot has been outstanding in the two years that I have been with my present company. We have a small fleet, all but one are Scanias and delivery of sales, servicing, customer engagement has been top class, even when it comes to accessories that Keltruck/Scania do not sell, the staff at Caldicot have led me in the right direction. Big hands up to 'our Rachael' at Caldicot, as me and my drivers/staff call her – Rachael never fails to help out. The same goes for Chris who is as helpful as they come.

"What I dislike in a sales guy is pressure selling and the nonsense that comes with it. I'd rather not buy than put up with that but Richard Woodland is totally the opposite - honest and relaxed sales techniques with fantastic aftersales support. I can't wait for my next new purchase. Keltruck Scania Caldicot makes my life easier. Keep it up guys – I know you will."
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