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Henry in Heaven

We went to to see Nikol, Ron and the lambs and chickens in Harveyville yesterday. Henry was in HEAVEN. Ron let him play guitar, Nikol blew up balloons, showed him how to feed the lambs and let him "help" collect chicken eggs. (Despite a certain enthusiasm, collecting chicken eggs is not likely to be HL's calling, FYI. He may, however, henceforth be known as "chickenpoop" in some circles.) We played with Tinkertoys and jumped on pit mats. Nikol gave HL airplane rides until he was giggling and drooling on her, which she shirked off like a pro. At one point he started kissing Ron and kept at it until it was a little weird and I think -- I'm not sure, but I think -- Ron blushed.


When we left, I forgot our eggs and couldn't bear the disappointment so we had to turn back. Nikol ran them out to the car and it must have sunk in at that point that we were *actually leaving*. When Nikol turned to walk back to the school, HL started shouting "Bye! Bye!" and crying. Happily, the crying only lasted as long as it took us to drive by a herd of cows and after about an hour, he fell asleep.


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Taken on May 24, 2009