Day 3 - When all else (studying) fails, read the Economist!

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    I had another picture for today that I took at around midnight, but I decided that this giant book deserved some public recognition for its huge awesomeness. I'm sure the few people who saw me dragging this thing through the library were either seriously impressed by my brute strength, or they were confused as to why I was carrying around the entire 1911 volume of the Economist. Either way, I am awesome.

    This weekend has been a brain/mouthgasm full of studying and eating. So far it's exceeded my greatest expectations. I spent 50 dollars on groceries last night, and then this morning I got a phone call from my mom asking me if I wanted her to bring me.. groceries. DOH!

    Happy birthday to my BFF Nicole and to my BDF (best dad forever) Dad.

    Swimming With Dolphins - Everything's a Miracle

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    1. lollersimon 62 months ago | reply

      Kelly reading The Economist:
      This is the *hottest* thing you've ever done

      and you know I'm being serious :D

    2. t.coray 62 months ago | reply

      you look overwhelmed by its pure awesomeness.

    3. Steve Strutt 62 months ago | reply

      I'm glad to see this come back. Might start my own, soon. :)

    4. kellymason 62 months ago | reply

      Wow I just realized the colors in this picture are ridiculouussss

    5. Kelsey Wildstone 62 months ago | reply

      very cool. really love the leading lines- helps the book stand out all the more.

    6. jonnygraham 60 months ago | reply

      LOL XD

      now that book is pretty manly looking book... and its funny that your laughing whlst flicking through its sheer bigness, pretty cool shot overall aswell. And yea, a bit of a mash-up of colours but no matter!

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