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Day 1 - First Impressions

I decided today would be a good day to start 365. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but haven't been able to motivate myself enough to get off my ass and take some photos.


This was shot in my dorm. I wanted a picture of me mimicking the peace sign on my shirt, but then I realized that was stupid. Maybe another day when I'm feeling less creative.


I realized today that I come off as mean to people. As Katie says, I hold myself well, and people think I am arrogant and think I own the "scene." I have a webzine for local music, but that by no means makes me think I own the scene. That's what bands are for. I am just trying to help support local music. If you see me at shows I am always running around with my camera to different sides of the stage just trying to get a decent shot. If you have a nice camera, I may shoot you a few extra glances, but I am done hating on people who are just trying to do what they love. I have been for a while.


If you think I am mean, you've probably never talked to me before. I am sarcastic as all hell, but I am definitely not a mean person. I get along with everybody. So if you are reading this and are afraid to talk to me because you think I am going to cut your face off, fear no more!


Talk to me! I get along with most everyone and will give anyone a chance. :]


And uhh.. Strobist all up in here. Sunpak 383 shot through an umbrella a couple of feet front of me. Nothing fancy!

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Taken on May 4, 2008