• mode dial
  • sensor
  • main circuit board with mem-card slot
  • filters behind the LCD screen. cool stuff
  • main outside shells. the last one is a metal shell glued to to the middle[front]
  • filters behind the LCD screen. cool stuff
  • love for cameras
  • Screen
  • LCD screen protector
  • tinny speaker
  • one of the lenses
  • all the springs
  • battery slot cover
  • flash capacitor
  • focusing motor
  • wire with small led's for back-lighting the screen
  • mode dial circuitry
  • focusing motor
  • aperture blades
  • shutter blades
  • primary camera chassis
  • circuitry to connect sensor to board
  • set button
  • infrared filter over sensor
  • cover around sensor. i broke this because i didn't have a torx small enough
  • screws
  • lens
  • lens
  • shutter button outside
  • shutter button
  • navigation buttons
  • screws
  • screws
  • lens
  • battery casing
  • rear button circuitry
  • lens stuff [most of it]
  • viewfinder lens
  • front face of lens
  • lens
  • viewfinder lens
  • viewfinder lens
  • flash tube
  • battery cover innards
  • viewfinder lens
  • flash reflector
  • viewfinder prism
  • ports cover
  • strap attachment
  • buttons
  • viewfinder prism
  • viewfinder lens
  • viewfinder prism
  • flash diffuser
  • viewfinder lens
  • glued in lens
  • time battery
  • lens detail face
  • focusing gears
  • LCD frame
  • LCD backplate
  • Cute! <3 - MalibuMichellina

I screwed the camera. [apart]

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Had some fun on Sunday. I *intended to fix the camera, it's lens was stuck or something. But i figured out that completely taking it apart was way too much fun, more fun than putting it back together, that's for certain.

The result, what you see, is everything taken apart as much as it can be, save the circut board, with would have to be de-soldered.
Photo is all full of notes showing what many of the parts are.

I made a wonderful video while arranging these, check it out. It might be 'meh' but it goes well with this photo. www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTsKFYVrsAY

This photo and the video got featured on the popular Petapixle Photo-blog. One that i have visited every day almost since the beginning of its existence. www.petapixel.com/2011/05/18/canon-powershot-a520-disasse... i'm stoked :D

**thanks DenaP for the pro account. I really do appreciate it, as i'm sure you will to with all the photos i post. thanks**

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  1. msphotomid 46 months ago | reply

    sometimes, i want to do the same to my canon point and shoots ... and they still function.

  2. Dendroica cerulea 46 months ago | reply

    I used to use a Canon A520 until its lens stopped working.

  3. PrasunDutta 46 months ago | reply

    This Photo is Invited to the “Photograph is Memory” Group

  4. wtvr_001 46 months ago | reply

    nice. could we see a closeup of the buttons they used under the LCD screen? Also a closeup of the main circuit board? please. ;P

  5. Kelly Hofer Studios 46 months ago | reply

    press the + button above the photo or under [actions] click [all sizes]

  6. wtvr_001 46 months ago | reply

    ways not big enough.

  7. Brissy Girl - Jan, coming and going :-) 46 months ago | reply

    Interesting - and laid out soooo nice and neat :-)

    seen on EXPLORE.

  8. * Firefly * 46 months ago | reply

    Haha, you seemed to have good time

  9. bergstrom15 46 months ago | reply

    Cool. I have the same camera. I was cleaning out an old box of stuff and found it. Cool idea and great picture!!

  10. Levente Soltesz 45 months ago | reply

    Nince picture. :-)

  11. adam t waldner 45 months ago | reply

    so where's the video where it's being put together again :)

    THAT would be really interesting... :D

  12. Kelly Hofer Studios 45 months ago | reply

    hey, give me a break. in china they need a whole factory to build a camera. I and my table can't do it alone.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  13. davidMbyrne.com 40 months ago | reply

    Ha. In my pre-SLR days the A520 travelled most of the world with me and captured some of my favourite pictures to date. I just loved it (and still have it in working order). Seeing it like this is sort of disconcerting... but cool at the same time! Thanks for sharing.

  14. D'Arne, Ming & Jack 39 months ago | reply

    thank you: I like it !

  15. Kara Hofer | photography 39 months ago | reply

    Would be awesome in a big Canvas:)

  16. Redcorn Studios [Matt] 31 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the inspiration. I gave this idea a try tonight with my son.

  17. jane hewitt 24 months ago | reply

    Hi I love this image! I'm currently writing a book on using photography in the classroom and see that this is under a creative Commons license - would you be ok with me including this image if it was clearly attributed to you? Thanks Jane

  18. Rue89 18 months ago | reply

    We're a French news website called Rue89 (www.rue89.com) and are about to use this picture (with link and credit) to illustrate a story on our site, observing the Creative Commons conditions mentioned in this page.

    If you do not want us to reproduce your work on our site, just email us webmaster[at]rue89.com.

    Congratulations for this photo.

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