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The lighting is crap, but here's a blocked little floret of hexagons. I've knit another four hexes and bought fiber for a 12th color.

It's such a relief to lazily work on this and not be doing any holiday crafting this year!

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  1. kelp! 76 months ago | reply

    Wow, thanks! Hopefully I won't lose steam halfway through the project.

    I was definitely inspired by your Komb blanket!

    They'll be sort of random, but I'm going to try to keep similar colors separated. It might be tough, though, since each hex touches six others and I've only got 11 colors right now (13 if I spin up a couple of coordinating fibers from my stash).

    A blanket that I maybe didn't buy the pattern for and have improvised from a pattern in Knitting Nature.

  2. aswim in knits 76 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful. You're inspiring me to spin some of my stash for a similar blanket. Are these all 2-ply? Because that's my favorite kind of comfort/instant gratification spinning

  3. meg's my name 76 months ago | reply

    kelly! it's gorgeous. i can't wait to watch it grow.

  4. savannahchik 76 months ago | reply

    oh it's beautiful! all handspun too? i don't understand you blanket knitters though. i don't have the fortitude to get myself through another blanket!

    i think i'd be tempted to take what you've done, back it with a cool fabric and make it a pillow ;)

  5. NeitherHIpNorFunky 76 months ago | reply

    I love this. I'm thinking that I plan to copy you.

  6. Sonya Philip 76 months ago | reply

    It's breathtaking.

  7. kelp! 76 months ago | reply

    Most are two ply, I have one three ply in a second floret. The rightmost hex above is a two ply held double, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to rip it out and replace it with some blue/green fiber (once I spin it, of course!).

    All the inner parts are handspun, the natural is knitpicks bare superwash. I generally hate blanket knitting but this is so modular that it's easy to knit a hex at a time.

  8. LollyKnit 76 months ago | reply

    so you knitting a hex at a time and sewing them instead of picking up stitches along the side?

  9. kelp! 76 months ago | reply

    Oh hell no! I would die if there was that much seaming. I'm knitting these little florets because I don't have all the yarn spun yet (and they're more portable), but I'll eventually knit a line of hexes that connect them.

  10. adamknits 76 months ago | reply

    If your blanket goes missing after you finish, it was me who broke into your house and stole it. Just forewarning you ;)

  11. noricum 76 months ago | reply

    Oooo! Gorgeous! What a great way to use handspun!

  12. cauchy09 76 months ago | reply

    oh, my love for this is too big for my house.

  13. pocket farmer 76 months ago | reply

    Seriously gorgeous. This will be a fun one to watch grow.

  14. lily dustbin 76 months ago | reply

    This is so beautiful. Would you add it to the www.flickr.com/groups/892221@N23/ pool?

  15. KurtFML 76 months ago | reply

    Your picture made it into explore.

  16. Rakita 76 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Stricken und Häkeln für Zuhause., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. elk bio 76 months ago | reply

    Wow--this is simply amazing. The colors you've started with are incredible. Can't wait to see this finished!

  18. JulieFrick 75 months ago | reply

    Oh! So good to see you didn't buy the pattern book, 'cause yick. Of course I went looking for it because this is gorgeous!

  19. AnnieKnits 75 months ago | reply

    Holy crap, these are all my favorite colors! Just love how this is looking so far.

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