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Close Call | by kelbpics
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Close Call

I've never really seen a car accident happen on the interstate; I've only seen the aftermath of one. Well, that all changed today. While riding with my fiancee & a few of her aunts through Richmond, VA, the woman driving along side of us lost control of her car, smashed into a cement divide & did a 180 into our lane. It all happened so fast! Before the accident, traffic was thick but moving along steadily at about 60mph. By the grace of God, no other cars were involved in the accident & I was especially surprised at this fact because, as it was happening, I just KNEW that we were going to hit her mangled vehicle! After the woman's car (and ours) came to a screeching halt, she jumped out of the driver's seat & immediately went to the back door & pulled a child out of a car seat! I jumped out of our car & ran to assist her as she pulled her second child out of the car & I moved them to a safe area on the side of the road. At this point she was crying hysterically & hugging me at the same time. It was a very emotional scene & the crazy thing about it is that most everyone kept going! Two other people stopped but everyone else was just "rubber-necking", as I like to call it, as they drove past. Once the paramedics arrived & checked them out, I had time to snap these images. At first, I wasn't going to take any photos but then I saw the oldest son holding his little brother & I couldn't let the moment pass because this was life in its purest & most raw form. The paramedics cleared all 3 of them & after I gave a statement to the highway patrol, we got back on the road & eventually made it to our destination. The whole situation was just so unexpected. One minute we were riding along, laughing & joking, and the next, a complete stranger was crying on my shoulder! I just praise Jesus that ALL parties involved were uninjured! It could have turned out much worse!


p.s. Special kudos to my fiancee (aka my Muse) for driving defensively & avoiding further chaos in this situation. I always give her a hard time about her driving habits but she handled this perfectly. Coincidentally, moments before the accident, we were all joking about how women can't drive... LOL ;-D

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Taken on April 15, 2012