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Defiance | by beckah:)
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i've been tagged by quite a few people but haven't done the facts game in ages. soo..


1. this hat i'm wearing in the photo is my mum's hat that she wore on her wedding day.


2. my french exam is tomorrow, i think it'll go fine. hopefully.


3. it was really sunny today, so i was happy when i went outside, even though i woke up feeling depressed. so i went to go shoot in a rape field, but i used the road instead so i didn't get all yellow/trespassy..


4. i like to write on the internet or by text with correct grammar and sentence structure. if i don't do it, it's because i'm taking the piss, not because i'm stupid/illiterate.


5. i don't like the boy i liked anymore. i think i only liked him because we are not compatible. y'know?


6. i am at a loss of what to do when i'm not on the computer or do not have someone to text/type/talk to.


7. i'm a lot more awkward in real life that i am on the internet. i find it easier to talk to people who i know online that a lot of people in real life.


8. i go to the cinema far too often. i'm not sure whether i'll go to the film club film this time or not. i probably will.


9. i have three exams this week; monday is french listening, wednesday is maths, and thursday is french reading. at least it's not science!


10. yesterday after i finished at the bookstore (which was fun; i sorted and re-labelled the boxes of paperback books, they look so pretty now <3) mum was going to take me to another town to find some fabric for my prom dress (if you know of any dark grey prom dress fabric please tell me, there doesn't seem to be any in existence anymore D:) but she'd already rang up the places we were going to go and they hadn't got any (see?!) so we shopped in town instead. she bought me these skinnies^^ (they're high waisted) and a watch necklace (it's so cute <3 , it's like a pocket watch and it actually works and huiarbghalbehr i will wear it forever) even though i said i'd go halves on it; she said it can be a present for passing my piano exam. and she said that after exams i can get my ear pierced, 'if i must' (:(:


10.5. this is inspired by alex stoddard. again. i'm having a phase. again. heisamazingandhisworkissoinspiringilovehim <3 i started looking at his photostream when he was in the 60's of his 365, before i had flickr. i wish i had it then, so i could comment on his stuff, before he got super famous and all his stuff got a billion notes in the first 2 seconds of uploading, so i only favourite now because i guess he wouldn't scroll down far enough to read whatever i wrote.


okay, i've stopped fangirling now. sorry. BUTHE'SSOINSPIRATIONAL. i think he's my favourite photographer. so far. this is the photo that inspired me. with the whiteness and everything.


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Taken on May 13, 2012