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Heather, SMG | by Keito Swan
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Heather, SMG

Being a photographer can be....stressful and irritating at times. You have to put in alot of time dealing with others peoples BS to do what you have to do get the shots. Once you make it through that then theres alot of ass kissing and knowing the right people to get the right photo jobs or just getting in touch with the right people so they can maybe hopefully pass your work to the right person. Its a business of networking.


What do I do on my spare time well ill tell you I spend it sitting at starbucks for hours like I am now practicing editing and sifting through magazines and Facebook stalking photographers adding them as friends and such maybe hoping that one of them will see something I upload and say something.


To make it as a photographer is quite a challenge. But then again that all depends on what "making it" means to you. Personally for me I would like to be able to support myself enough to live on a $4000 dollar 27-29 foot sailboat and travel around shooting for companies I like and wear stuff of theirs like patagonia or oneill or something like that.


So for those who want to "make it" as a photographer really think if its what you want with the challenge of a road it is to get yourself to the level you want as a photographer.


I read a quote today that kind of inspired me to rant....


"To want. To be ambitious. To want to be successful is not enough. That’s just desire." -Kevin Spacey


PS: I personally have not yet made it in the photography world so my words are just what I think of the way it seems to be from my adventure so far on this dream of mine. Dont be unmotivated by it

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Taken on October 4, 2011