Israel 2008
Blessed with a second chance to visit Israel in a two year period these photographs are from the "last" trip Chuck Smith will do to Israel. April 4th through 14th turned out to be a beautiful time of year. The tour was larger than our first visit (which had only 13) with a whopping total of 350 taking up 7 bus loads of visitors. We were in bus 6 so many of these pictures will represent what we saw as a group. Even though on paper this was the identical trip there was little that was the same. Going more than once is a must to soak in all of the rich history and excitement this land has to offer.

Keith Wills

View my journal of our 2007 trip to Israel (the same basic trip) with Calvary Chapel Aptos at to get more information about this wonderful tour with Inspired Travel and Sar El tours.

Photo Album from 2007 Tour

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