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Two rocks, two clouds, two reflections:) I took this long exposure about an hour after the sun disappeared behind the mountains, the best time to get colourful cloud reflections being just before dark. This view is facing south, downstream from the Yukon River dam in an area called "the intake" . The current is swift here and a large tract of the river remains unfrozen, a great place to view Common Mergansers, Golden-eyes and American Dippers in the depths of Yukon winter. On the left, the signs on the Millennium Trail warn of dangerous currents. There's a strong back-eddy and you can see the whirlpools where the eddy meets the downstream current. A few people have drowned near here, the most recent being a man who fell in while fishing from the river-bank with his son a couple of summers ago, very tragic.


Technical: 2 long exposures, 1 for the sky, 1 for the foreground hand-blended using layer masks in CS5. I couldn't see the reflections because the river is choppy and swift here, but the long exposure smoothed the water like glass, allowing the reflections to appear, very cool.


The tracks are coyote or fox. Below is a motley collection of long-exposures from the same area on the river, on different evenings recently. As you can see, the weather has been fantastic by Yukon standards, relatively mild too:


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Taken on February 14, 2012