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Reflections of a Beautiful Day

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This is a view of the Windy Arm of Tagish Lake looking north towards the old town-site of Conrad. Rarely are conditions perfect enough to capture a scene like this, so I always check the weather forecasts and wind before planning a landscape shoot. Even on this day in late June, the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up a few minutes after the shot was taken. The rest of the summer in the Yukon was a write-off, with rainy, cloudy weather until September, forcing me to cancel many photography outings.


Not much is left of the old townsite built by Colonel Conrad, a Gold-rush era mining stock promoter and smooth-talking fast-buck artist. Hailing from Montana, he named a prominent nearby landmark and the site of several of his mines, 'Montana Mountain'. I don't think his many mining schemes and stock promotions made money for anybody except himself.


Technical and aesthetic: Singe Raw image exposed for the foreground but making sure the sky highlights didn't get blown out. The sky was overexposed due to the wide dynamic range, so using a layer mask in CS5, I hand-blended a version exposed about 1 EV less in DXO to get the sky right. After that, minor luminosity, contrast and vibrance adjustments were applied selectively to parts of the image.

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Taken on June 24, 2011