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Timor N.T.T. desa Tuapukan . Camp pengungsian

Children from the refugees living before in Timor Leste ( Arround Dili )

The red hair is a sign of great malnutitrion . Thousands of East Timorese fled to refugee camps in West Timor during the violence that followed East Timor’s vote for independence from Indonesia in August 1999. Unknown numbers of East Timorese disappeared or were killed by militia forces that opposed the move for independence. Within weeks, a United Nations (UN) force moved in to end the violence.Most of them have relocated from refugee camps to other places in West Timor, but 14,443 refused resettlement. Approximately 250,000 people came across the border from East Timor, then also part of Indonesia, amid violence following an August 1999 vote for independence. Those that did not return by the end of 2002 automatically became Indonesian citizens and were no longer considered refugees.


Half of the population of less than 100.000 refugees has no access to safe drinking water, and job opportunities are few.

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Uploaded on April 8, 2007