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Cygnus 70 panel Gigapixel APP Mosaic | by kees scherer
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Cygnus 70 panel Gigapixel APP Mosaic

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Building further on the 48 (50) panel mosaic i added a row of 16 panels to include the Veil nebula Complex.The registration RMS error is only 0.1 pixel.......

As a basis for this Mosaic I used 70 separate stacks (also made with APP) with integration times between 45 and 345 minutes each depending on the object in the frame. An all new mosaic registration algorithm was used that is capable of truly sub pixel perfect registration of these large Mosaics. And the whole process is fully Automatic. The full size version is 29320x35386 pixels giving 1038 Megapixels).

That is not practicle for web use, but this upload is a 50% reduction and still a 120 Megabyte JPG.

You can download the 50% version by selecting the downloadlink here on Flickr.

Processing: only histogam stretch and curves adjustments, nothing else.


The Fits file size of the full version is 3.7 Gb.


Data collected between may 8 and july 31, 2017.

Esprit 100 Triplet APO f5.5 telescope and QHY16200 CCD Camera cooled to -20 C with Baader 6nm H-alpha filter.


Mosaic settings APP with version 1.0521 (Experimental version to test new Algorithm):


3) Analyse stars

min size: 4

Clip Prof: 0.1

Filter profile: off

Kappa: 3 (set to detect 3000-5000 stars)


4) Register


Pattern recognition: pentagons

scale start: 5

scale stop: 10

use dynamic distortion corr: on

same camera and optics: off

Distortion margin: 0.02

# of overlapping frames: 9

registration mode: mosaic

registration model: projective


6) Integrate


composition mode: full

LNC degree: 4)

LNC it: 3

enable MBB: on

MBB%: 5

No under/overshoot on

Integrate set scale 1.0


The Astro Pixel Processor website:


More versions and information on :


Knight Observatory, Tomar.


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Uploaded on August 18, 2017