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Messier 31 in Andromeda | by kees scherer
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Messier 31 in Andromeda

This is a cropped version showing just the Galaxy Core right from center and NGC206 blue stars to the left. A total of 17.4 hrs integration time with Red, Green and Blue filters on QHY16200 CCD cooled to -20C attached to Esprit 100 f5.5 refractor. (209 subs of 300 seconds) Imaged on 10,11,12,14,15 & 16 Aug 2018.

Processed with Astropixelprocessor using 2 x Drizzle and 60 Darks, 256 Bias and 25x3 Flatframes. Further processing in Pixinsight (PhotometricColorCalibration, Arcsinh Stretch, Curves, HDRMultiscale, LocalHistogramEqualisation.)


Edit: There is a tiny white annotation showing the location of "The Star that changed the Universe", a Cepheid variable named "V1" by Edwin Hubble. He used V1 in 1923 to prove that the Andromeda "Nebula" was in fact a Galaxy outside our own Milky Way. Also see:


Edit2: Extragalactic Nova AT2018fhy is also visible on this image. See this extra upload:


Knight Observatory, Tomar

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Uploaded on August 18, 2018