Torfaen, Railway Terrace Community Garden Project, Sebastapol, August 2014
Over the course of 2 days Keep Wales Tidy, Torfaen County Borough Council, Friends of the Earth Torfaen and local volunteers pitched in to remove over grown and damaged Hazel, Willow and Sycamore from a vacant area of scrub at the end of Railway Terrace in Sebastapol. The first day was spent clearing trees and scrub in order to improve access to the adjacent cyclepath and to allow volunteers to extract fly tipped waste and building debris that had been half buried in the scrub. The waste wood was chipped to be used as a surface material for the new path that was to be installed the next day and some larger timbers were removed to be used in future projects. Day two started with a surprise as Dewi, a local resident and Friends of the Earth member unable to attend on the day, had spent a couple of hours the previous evening digging up waste and debris and centralising the waste to make extraction easier. Once the local residents and Friends of the Earth members had cleared the mound away we began a bit of forensic archaeology, digging up bags of rubbish, building materials and doorframes that were concealed below soil level. One over flowing skip later, and the residents now have a blank canvass to work with. After some more clearance and some planning, this site will now become a community garden/growing area and a more pleasant link to the cyclepath. Carole Jacob of Friends of the Earth Torfaen stated,
"I had a great time getting active with a like-minded group of people to make a difference.
Involving local people and groups in cleaning up, planting, improving and caring for their environment is a sustainable way forward for community cohesion, while at the same time providing plants and habitats for people and wildlife. This project is an exciting way of being involved and great fun at the same time. Torfaen Friends of the Earth are delighted to be part of this.”
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