23.11.12 CFMEP back to Llanishen
Today 10 vols gave a massive effort to carry on clearing a heavily littered green lane in Llanishen behind Llanishen RFC building.

We were joined today by local Cllr. Phil Bale who did a sterling effort considering the event was released less than 24 hours before the kick off; both on turning up, joining in with all the vols and getting really stuck in.

It was even harder than 2 weeks before as we had to carry all the rubbish back past the 60 metres we had already cleared.

Altogether, we pulled out 24 bags of rubbish plus about 200kg of loose litter including 2 bikes, kitchen tiles, 2 childrens' bed frames, fencing, broken goal posts, a couple of broken tents and umbrellas and lower down the path, loads and loads of cans and sweet wrappers.

Fantastically, we joined up with the bridge that we got to coming from the Crystal Glen direction in early Summer. Now that it is returned to a zero rubbish position, hopefully we can get a few local people interested in helping to keep it clean.
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