09.11.12 CFMEP behind Llanishen RFC building
8 CFMEP volunteers turned up today to help clean up a littered part of Llanishen. The volunteers removed 30 bags of litter plus around 200kg of loose items. These include carpets, kitchen units,clothing garden planters and a green Cardiff Council bin.

It was pretty messy, but we all got stuck in including new vols Dan and Nicole. Part the way down the lane we encountered Ann, a local resident who helps to heep her communal car park clean. She cheered us up further by saying "how grateful she was and how nice it was to see people caring about their environment".

We used out new, recently found, bolt cutters and cut away some fencing that was dumped in the woods and had generally a great time. As per usual Parks Services were brilliant and took all our collected rubbish away.
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