19.09.12 TWW Cardiff. St. Bernadettes in Pentwyn
The 10 children, 1 parent and 1 member of staff came outside the school again to brave the set of woods that terrified us all last year. On our last visit here we were shocked and later collected 75 dog poo bags from the small patch of woodlands opposite the school. Today there was a vast improvement with just the 10, but still 10 too many. We also stopped to look at the garden waste which was dumped on the edge of these woods, which we discussed with the children why it was so wrong to do this. They were all very switched on and said the residents responsible for this are spoiling the woods for everyone else and should use the Council's Garden Waste bins. I was very impressed. Ever since the school became involved in this site, it seems the amount of rubbish dumped there has decreased. I'm sure with another School newsletter, we can further decrease the amount of dog fouling and garden waste tipping. All together we collected about 6 bags of rubbish which Parks Services kindly removed.
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